Born in Athens Greece . Petes dad was a pilot in the Air Force moving the family from base to base throughout Europe and the U.S. Eventually settling in S.F. Bay Area , California where he developed his drumming skills recording and performing on the top 40 and Original circuit . After moving to Hollywood and Graduating from The Percussion Institute of Technology , he performed on a number of Hard Rock , Metal & Blues Records and National and International Tours with .....Lee Rocker, Bassist and founding member of The Stray Cats) ......Blues Legend Mason Ruffner , Top 10 Album Hit Gypsy Blood and guitarist with Carlos Santana &Jimmy Page ....60s pop legends,Larry Donn and Charley Gracie......On tour Pete has been on double bills sharing the stage with Asia , Loverboy , Edgar Winter , Eddie Money , Tesla, Ratt , Willie Nelson , Arlo Gunthrie , Elvin Bishop , Joe Ely , Delbert McClinton , Vince Neil , Dee Snider , Bret Michaels NightRanger........

"We were always around airports and planes and I flew with my Dad all the time which was pretty cool"...."My sisters were a lot older so from when I could speak I was into Rock&Roll and listening to their records and going to concerts) ..They took me to see the movie Help in London when I was 3...I was totally into Keith Moon and Ringo""Because I was always banging on tables to records my parents gave me a small kids drumset for my 4th birthday which I quickly trashed and destoyed playing to Keith Moon (The Who) records"

Through Junior High and High School sidetracked by Surfing,Skateboarding , Hot Rods and Motorcycles Peter did not pick up another pair of drumsticks until he was 20 years old. After injuring his back at the age of 18 in a motorcycle accident he decided that if he ever walked again he would become a Professional Drummer. At the age of 20 he began playing drums 10 hours a day and studying with acclaimed percussionist Stan Lunetta in Sacramento.

"We played a backyard keg party and a few days later I got a call to pick up my money..I said cool..Wow.... didnt know we got paid ! ....havin fun and makin money?...Im into this !

Within a year he landed the job drumming in the top 40 band The Kids playing the Holiday Inn hotel chain on the West Coast . He then played with the band Silencer 6 nights a week in the Sacramento Rock Club circuit .

" For years I didnt have chops and was scared to solo , just played meat & potatoes and when someone said..."Take A Solo Kid" I said "No thanks "....and now I know that was a blessing and why I got jobs and worked so much...because I just played the song "

Next stop / Oakland he played the S.F. Bay area Bar Circuit , Recorded and Performed with Code 3 (Rick De Lima) and continued studies with John Xepolias . In 1985 he moved to Hollywood to attend Musicians Instutute and began doing records and performing with Groups in So Cal as well as Sessions on a number of Records and Demos .Throughout the 90s & 2000s between Touring and Recording out of Austin , and L.A. he began doing cruise ship gigs and working Top 40 which led to more work in Las Vegas.

Pete is currently staying busy as a Session Player ,Teacher , and Live Performer known for his Arena Rock drumming style . He is now teaching , recording and gigging in Las Vegas and L.A.

(Left) ( Below/Classic Photo Archives)Marquis Club w/ASJ+(Right)Dean Markley Endorsing Artist (photo/Glen La Ferman)

At Cobb Mt Days Music Festival performing w/Journey Tribute( pictured with remember the great S.F. Bay area music magazine-Bay Area Music- BAM Magazine! tshirt